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To be honest, I do not think you can beat a good old fashioned SEO campaign, one that is carefully thought out, one that targets your chosen keywords and your carefully designed landing pages.

Simply unbeatable. But all that takes time and there are some times when you just want to bully your way onto page 1 of Google. You might want to test a new product or idea or maybe you have spotted a growing trend and you just want to get on it quick, before the curve has peaked.

Sometimes you might just want to bully your competitors off the page (now you wouldn’t want to do that, would you?). Whatever the reason, here are my top 7 ways of getting ahead of the pack and onto page 1 of Google (for your chosen keyword term):

1. RSS Feeds - Google loves RSS Feeds. Google loves RSS aggregators, such as Give Google Girl what she wants. Create a RSS feed, submit your RSS feed to as many RSS aggregators as you can find. Make sure that your RSS feeds contain your targeted keyword in the title of the posts.

You can even name the feed as your target keyword.  Within days, sometimes hours, you will often see your feed on page 1 of Google. Of course, this isn’t your page, but that page does contain many links to your page and you know that you now have a far better chance of getting that all important visitor click than the person who previously owned that spot.

2. Blog - Google loves a blog, especially, Squidoo and Wordpress. You can add HubPages to that list too. Create a target keyword focused page on your target keyword focused blog, update with a few similar posts, maybe mention the other blogs with a link or two (vary target keyword hyper link a little) and you are almost there. Create at least one RSS feed from each of them and submit them as in 1.

3. Yahoo Answers - Google loves Yahoo Answers. Go in and answer a few related to your target keyword. Why not ask a question about your target keyword? Of course, you need to leave a link to your target site. Be careful! Don’t over commercialize, be helpful, be useful, good things will follow.

4. Forums - Google loves a forum. Especially well populated and active forums. Search for forums related to your targeted keyword. Go in and answer a few questions related to your target keyword. Why not ask a question about your target keyword? Of course, you need to leave a link to your target site. Be careful! Don’t over commercialize, be helpful, be useful, good things will follow.

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