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Over the years, I’ve read thousands and thousands of marketing articles, both online and off. But to this point, I have never read any article that was what I considered to be 100% idiot-proof – meaning even a dunce, moron, or complete idiot couldn’t screw up the process.

So I decided to write such an article. And if you read and judiciously apply the ridiculously simple, but profoundly effective and proven success steps presented in this article, I am 100% convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that anyone can absolutely, positively make money with Internet Marketing.

Why am I so confident in these steps? Because these are the exact same steps I’ve used to build nearly 100 profitable websites of my own, in a very short period of time. Here are the steps:

1. Brainstorm Your Domain Name

This is an important process, so don’t rush it. Even if it takes you weeks or even months to come up with a domain name you’re satisfied with. Take as much time as you need. Your domain name is that important.

I’m a firm believer in creating generic domain names that utilize your primary keywords. For example, or Having a generic domain name serves two crucial purposes:

First, it will attract a more targeted audience to your website. A targeted audience will give you a much higher conversion ratio – allowing you to make maximum use of the traffic you receive.

Second, generic domain names that utilize your primary keywords will help with your search ranking. While SEO experts have opposing viewpoints whether or not this actually helps, based on my own personal experience, I can tell you that it does.

By the way, because of the astronomical number of domains on the Internet, you may have to get a little creative in order to utilize your primary keywords in your domain name.

For example, if your first choice, is already taken, try playing around with different variations of your keywords.

For instance, try this variation,…or this one, Also, don’t be afraid to use hyphens in your domain name. Using this technique allows me to utilize my primary keywords 100% of the time.

It also allows me to use the much preferred .com domain. You should try to use .com domains whenever possible, because most people will automatically put a .com on the end of a domain when they type it into a search engine. This puts you in prime position to pick up traffic from domains in your category that utilize extensions other than .com.

2. Register Your Domain Name, and Forget It

After you decide on a domain name, don’t build your website right away. Register your domain name, and forget it.

Why? Because in my opinion, you should never build a website without having a plan to promote, as well as monetize your website. Develop a well-thought-out marketing plan going forward, then when you build your website, you can hit the ground running.

To be honest, I do not think you can beat a good old fashioned SEO campaign, one that is carefully thought out, one that targets your chosen keywords and your carefully designed landing pages.

Simply unbeatable. But all that takes time and there are some times when you just want to bully your way onto page 1 of Google. You might want to test a new product or idea or maybe you have spotted a growing trend and you just want to get on it quick, before the curve has peaked.

Sometimes you might just want to bully your competitors off the page (now you wouldn’t want to do that, would you?). Whatever the reason, here are my top 7 ways of getting ahead of the pack and onto page 1 of Google (for your chosen keyword term):

1. RSS Feeds - Google loves RSS Feeds. Google loves RSS aggregators, such as Give Google Girl what she wants. Create a RSS feed, submit your RSS feed to as many RSS aggregators as you can find. Make sure that your RSS feeds contain your targeted keyword in the title of the posts.

You can even name the feed as your target keyword.  Within days, sometimes hours, you will often see your feed on page 1 of Google. Of course, this isn’t your page, but that page does contain many links to your page and you know that you now have a far better chance of getting that all important visitor click than the person who previously owned that spot.

2. Blog - Google loves a blog, especially, Squidoo and Wordpress. You can add HubPages to that list too. Create a target keyword focused page on your target keyword focused blog, update with a few similar posts, maybe mention the other blogs with a link or two (vary target keyword hyper link a little) and you are almost there. Create at least one RSS feed from each of them and submit them as in 1.

3. Yahoo Answers - Google loves Yahoo Answers. Go in and answer a few related to your target keyword. Why not ask a question about your target keyword? Of course, you need to leave a link to your target site. Be careful! Don’t over commercialize, be helpful, be useful, good things will follow.

4. Forums - Google loves a forum. Especially well populated and active forums. Search for forums related to your targeted keyword. Go in and answer a few questions related to your target keyword. Why not ask a question about your target keyword? Of course, you need to leave a link to your target site. Be careful! Don’t over commercialize, be helpful, be useful, good things will follow.

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